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2014 Chevrolet Tahoe Redesign and Release Date

Today most of those families have downsized, moving to sedans, or more likely, moved to smoother, more car like crossovers. But big swaths of American drivers still look to these more truck-like SUVs for everyday family use. Body-on-frame sport-utility vehicles like the Tahoe remain your best option if you need ...

2014 Ford Ranger Specs and Price

We know that the model will be designed for up to 7 passengers and would be perfect for a large family. It is supposed to be built on the T6 platform on which it is built and the existing model. Of course the new model brings some improvement but that ...

2016 Cadillac Eldorado Release and Price

2016 Cadillac Eldorado has been waiting for long time by the people who want see and buy the new model. The first made of Cadillac in 1953 and the manufacturers have not produced the car anymore since 2002 although the car had a legendary precious coupe, but it will be ...

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Changes and Release Date

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited seem has a lot of rumors since it is an interesting topic. We heard from the rumor that it will have a diesel option rather than gas option that is applied for its previous model. The biggest questions are about the differences of using diesel option ...

2015 Nissan Leaf Changes Performance

2015 Nissan Leaf is an excellent car which is rumored to be the next generation of its 2014 model. As we know that the 2014 model have been tested in Barcelona, Spain for driving test. The car has a great performance because it runs so smooth with impressive interior. We ...

2015 Kia Optima Concept Leaked

2015 Kia Optima would bring new excitement since it has a latest innovation within mid – size Sedan and bring more quality. It is said that there will be a larger improvement for the car so that it could cover the previous version. The changes itself however could embrace the ...

New 2016 Audi A7

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 | Audi
2016 Audi A7 will compete with BMW 5 Series GT and Porsche Panamera. As a four-door coupe, the car will get swoopy profile but some changes ... Read More

2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 | Toyota
2016 Toyota Rav4 is a new redesign variant with minor changes to offer. What we keep waiting for its arrival is about the issue that the ... Read More

2016 Audi A4 Redesign and Release Date

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 | Audi
2016 Audi A4 is now creating some buyers pay attention for its coming instead of waiting the BMW 3-Series. It is not surprising if now the ... Read More

2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Release Date

Tuesday, October 21st 2014 | Toyota
2016 Toyota Avalon for its coming will be presented in a very slight modification which means that it is quite similar with its current model for ... Read More

New 2016 Audi RS 7

Tuesday, October 21st 2014 | Audi
New generation 2016 Audi RS 7 will keep its engine option because the power is quite excellent. Moreover, sooner people will forget that the engine will ... Read More

2016 Nissan 370Z Nismo Specs and News

Tuesday, October 21st 2014 | Nissan
2016 Nissan 370Z Nismo will get many improvements that would be better if you wait for its coming. It will be shiny with the new lighter ... Read More

New 2016 Toyota Highlander Redesign and Release Date

Tuesday, October 21st 2014 | Toyota
2016 Toyota Highlander is rumored to be available soon after a new prototype is leaked and assumed as its new version. Based on the report, the ... Read More

2016 Nissan Frontier Redesign – Diesel Concept

Monday, October 20th 2014 | Nissan
2016 Nissan Frontier has been rumored and speculated by some unofficial sites after the teaser videos and pictures that are claimed as its new design but ... Read More

2016 Audi S3 Release Date

Monday, October 20th 2014 | Audi
2016 Audi S3 will be available with hotter version. It is specially designed for America A3. As we know that the A3 sedan is made for ... Read More
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