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New 2016 BMW M8 Supercar Specs and Price

Thursday, February 27th 2014 | BMW | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2016 BMW M8 Series2016 BMW M8 is the answer of the hot topic about M1 which is rumored to be available as the 2016 model. It seems that the company has not confirmed yet that there is a perfect time for BMW to offers this new version. It is no wonder that until now, people believe that the car will be available and it is called M1. The basic reason is because at 2008 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the company has introduced the M1 concept. In fact, the newest version is called M8.

2016 BMW M8 Exterior and Interior 

2016 M8 is built in advance by using carbon fiber and also aluminum chassis which is derived by the upcoming model, BMW i8. That is why it is not surprising if it also adopted the name. With those materials applied for its body frame, it is undoubted that the car has a light lightweight that could offer a wonderful speed performance. For the exterior, the car offers the combination of M1 Hommage design and also BMW i8 elements. We hope to see V hood with big air intakes to provide a better engine cooling, laser-light technology and also headlights. For its rear a diffuser could be helpful for the car at high speeds. So far, the interior is inspired by i8 that has a beautiful cockpit that united the instrument panel, steering wheels with central information display, control elements and also instrument cluster. There is also steering column too. Alcantara, carbon fiber and also high-quality leather are available for 2016 BMW M8.

2016 BMW M8 Specs

Speaking about the power plant, just because the car is adopted the same materials as the upcoming model it does not mean that it will also come as the hybrid car. BMW M8 is reported to come with twin-turbocharged V8 to produce 600 horsepower. For 3 seconds the car could reach 0-to-60 mph as the sprint time.

2016 BMW M8 Price and Competitors

Even if there is no confirmation yet from the company about the price, BMW M8 is expected to be sold with the starting price around $200,000 and it will have a tight competition with its rivals such as Audi R8 GT and also Mercedes SLS GT. However, it will be not easy for those two rivals to defeat a car which is actually as the most waiting car for automotive market in 2016.

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