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Chevy Camaro 2015 Smoother Look

Friday, December 27th 2013 | Chevrolet | by Rhey Wardhoyo

Chevy Camaro 2015Chevy Camaro 2015 predicted to be the fantastic car that will bring no regret for the buyers. It is said that there will be more impressive developments through the tremendous measurements, better cottage and also lighter bodyweights if we compare it with the previous model. To discover more about the changes for the interior and exterior with the engine system, here are what you need.

New Chevy Camaro 2015

2015 Chevy Camaro ConceptExterior and Interior

Chevy Camaro 2015 will be a high – class car. The car will have a smoother look. It is said that the company will cut the body weight, especially some inches in order to have a lighter body as the way to support the speed and fuel gasoline. It is not surprising since it applied innovation technology improvement as the strategy to be the hit on automotive market. It is addressed that the car will have a friendly concept car. It has larger lower intake that combined with a slimmer front grille especially for SS models. There will be a new hood to have a better cooling. To apply high – speed stability, the company considered to reduce the aerodynamic in Chevy Camaro 2015. Not only that, but it also has LED lighting as the biggest feature. The other changes that you can find is a lower diffuser and a sculpted deck lid. While for remote keyless entry, it becomes the standard feature since in 2014 generation. It has automatic transmissions through infotainment system. Other features are music players, USB, Bluetooth, text – to – speech capability, voice recognition and many more in Chevy Camaro 2015.

Engine System

For the powertrain, it could carryover especially from 2013. It is predicted that the car will have V6 that could produce 323 horsepower and use 3.6 liter. For V8, they could produce minimum 400 horsepower and use 6.2 liter. It is supercharged engine for Chevy Camaro 2015. It is said that in Euro – market, it will only available for SS models that has a natural aspire for V-8 within 6.2 liter.

Price and Date

Several rumors said that the launching date will be in the end of this year. In the previous, we know that it is go on sale in Europe. We predict that the car cost does not bring too much different from the previous model. The base price is around $33,535 for the Chevy Camaro 2015.

Chevy Camaro 2015 Gallery

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