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2016 Mustang Cobra R Concept

Wednesday, March 5th 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2016 Mustang Cobra R2016 Mustang Cobra R is rumored to be presented as the next generation from Mustang cobra. If it comes true, it means that the car will be the sixth generation. Even if the enthusiast mostly are waiting for Mach 1 version to be redesigned Mustang, there is a big recommendation that the Cobra R is more important than that muscle car. As we know that this car is a high-performance variant as muscle car which is built by SVT and it has been presented as the third and the fourth generation for mustang.

2016 Mustang Cobra R Concept

2016 Cobra R is planned to be well-built with lowered suspension. Not only has that, but the car also has new front spoiler and also rear wing which has been redesigned. For the hood, there will be heat extractor style is presented. More updates which are available for the car could be scoop for its front fenders and also side exhaust. Well, it is more about the exterior. 2016 Mustang Cobra R even if no rumors related to the interior, we have a strong belief that the car will have a stylish look in its cabin. There is a big possibility that the car will be available with major changes and updates around its interior too. It is weird if the exterior got a lot of major changes but nothing for the interior of Mustang Cobra R.

2016 Mustang Cobra R Specs

For under the hood, the car is supported with the use of twin turbo V8 engine “Voodoo” which is said to be under the development. It is reported that with this engine, the car works in perfect way. With this engine, 2016 Mustang Cobra R will be easy to generate for at least 650 horsepower.

2016 Mustang Cobra R Price

Even though there is no official information yet about when the car will be released, but fortunately we have found the information related to its price tag. It is reported that you need to spend your money from $59.000 for its price range to get the car. We think that the cost is quite cheap especially the car offers a new look with major changes around its exterior and interior. Moreover, the most important is the engine could produce awesome output. It is no wonder if we suggest you to wait the upcoming version for 2016 Mustang Cobra R in future.

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