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2016 Lexus NX Concept Release

Thursday, January 1st 2015 | Lexus | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2016 Lexus NX Concept2016 Lexus NX gets a very wide dimension to support many people. It is informed that the car will get a very interesting concept design. It would be very stylish and of course powerful. It is not surprising that this family car will be an attractive option for the market.

2016 Lexus NX Exterior and Interior

2016 Lexus NX is supported by nylon upper grille as the best way to give unique look for its style. Moreover, the company will give different tires to give different look from its previous model. Well, it is not the end because the car has more elegant style that will make you love it much because the dark outside will be highlighted and there is sport shifter and seat activity. In addition, a small body is the characteristic of this car with smaller wheelbase than the RX version. As other redesigned cars, we do believe that the company will support 2016 Lexus NX with some updates and improvements for both the outside and inside to make it better than before. Some small details are possible to be added such as the grille, fog lights, head and taillights with LED to give better visibility and perhaps a cabin with upgraded gadgets for infotaiment, entertainment, navigation and safety system to attract more buyers for 2016 Lexus NX.

2016 Lexus NX Specs

It is reported that there will be four-cylinder 0 liter in order to support this car performance. This four-cylinder engine for 2016 Lexus NX is possible to generate the output for about 228 horsepower and also 258 pounds-feet of torque. The power will be transmitted to the six-speed auto tranny and this car will work for the front wheels to produce the regular basis. It is possible to see turbocharged twin-scroll that could support the current motor. Based on the documentation, the turbo generator could produce the output for about 225 and 250 horsepower. For ES300h, there will be Atkinson cycle four-cylinder or hybrid 5.0 liter in order to anticipate for about 200 horsepower. We do not know yet about the further details for those engines includes the performance especially for the top speed and the acceleration right now.

2016 Lexus NX Release Date2016 Lexus NX Release Date and Price

It would be better for the company to launch this interesting car in the middle of 2015 and it is designed for American market since there is a big demand about the presence of 2016 Lexus NX.


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