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2016 lexus LS 460 Redesign and Changes

Saturday, December 27th 2014 | Lexus | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2016 Lexus LS 4602016 lexus LS 460 gives you another option of flexible and reasonable car to drive. It is an automatic car that is completed with deluxe design. It also has beautiful grill package that will make you comfortable sit and ride this car. It is reported that the company will give it redesigned concept to make it more attractive than before.

2016 lexus LS 460 Changes

2016 lexus LS 460 gladly is coming up with some good news to tell. First of all, the concern of the company is on how this car could be more effective as the fast car. It is not surprising that the company will make its control weight for about 159 pounds. Inside this car, the company gives some refreshments as the best way to offer a higher level of extravagance and comfort for both the driver and passengers for example adding shifting sofa, enough room for legs and head to make you easily move your body anytime. As other company wants to do with their new cars, 2016 lexus LS 460 is very possible in order to upgrade some features with the latest version of high technology for advance. It is not surprising that it is better for you to wait its presence instead of purchasing the current model if comfort is your first prior when you purchase a car, includes purchasing 2016 lexus LS 460.

2016 Lexus LS 460 Specs2016 lexus LS 460 Specs

Speaking about the power plant, there is a big indication that the company will complete it with V8 engine 5.0 liter and 165 kilowatt. This engine combination helps a lot in order to generate for about 389 horsepower and also 385 pound-feet of twist. The presence of electrical motor could be helpful to produce for about 438 horsepower for the powerful 2016 lexus LS 460. In addition, for about 5 seconds, the car could reach from 0 to 60 mph while its top speed is at 130mph.

2016 lexus LS 460 Release Date

This car is automatically will be launched for American market. It is possible to see its coming in the end of 2015 if everything goes as the plan. However, for any delay, it should be not too far from 2016 or perhaps around the middle of 2016. It is a bit hard to estimate the price because there is no detailed information for 2016 lexus LS 460.


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