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2015 Toyota Matrix Turbo Specs

Sunday, February 2nd 2014 | Toyota | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Toyota Matrix Front Angle2015 Toyota Matrix sadly has been dropped by its company from the lineup of this market time. The basic reason is not a basic problem, but it is quite complex. Some reports said that the car got poor sales and in fact it also need more list to make the car has its identity. Indeed, the buyers do not know that it is a five-door hatchback, few people know it was a wagon, while the rest confessed that they did not even know this car is exist. This blaming leads to the news that the 2013 model will be the final year for the car. However, the company is working hard in order to add a five-door hatchback for Corolla lineup as the possibility. But at this time, the rumors said there will be turbo engine offered for 2015 model.

2015 Toyota Matrix Interior Car2015 Toyota Matrix Exterior and Interior

2015 Toyota Matrix first of all should come with its identity since it is the most important problem that the company should fix. At least, the car could come with different look from its sibling, Toyota Corrolla. It is possible if the company for example offers something new like a longer body, a smaller height and also a new option of color paints. Not only that, but it also possible to have something like logo on its exterior, new front and rear bumpers supported with refined headlights and taillights. The trend at this time is about making the bodyweight to be lighter and also adding the car with lines. Inside, 2015 Toyota Matrix is expected to have something new. Adding black box for example as it has been done by its rival. New look around the cabin with heated seat, wider space, improved dashboard and new steering wheel could be helpful for 2015 Toyota Matrix.

2015 Toyota Matrix Engine Car2015 Toyota Matrix Specs

Under the hood, we have heard some rumors said that the specs will be available in turbo. However, some other reports also said that the turbo specs only will be presented in 2016 model. We think that if the company want to get an attention from its buyers, 2015 could be the change for 2015 Toyota Matrix to come with the turbo engine. At least, it could be a small surprise for the buyers and to know how far about their demand. It will be too late to make the turbo specs could come in 2016 model since many companies will start using turbo concept for 2015 even for this current time.

2015 Toyota Matrix Release Date and Price

We have a big hope that the car could come at least in the beginning of 2015. Since in 2013 model the car is available with the price less than $20,000 for the base model, we expect it is only around $25,000 for 2015 Toyota Matrix

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