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2015 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Redesign

Tuesday, June 24th 2014 | Toyota | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Toyota Corolla2015 Toyota Corolla could be a best option for you. We found the great impression in its previous model. And at this time, it will be renewed. As we know that the first redesign concept had been done since 2009 series. We could see that the redesign brings a stylish yet a lot of improvements offered. The company have already worked for the adjustments especially about the equipment inside the car.

2015 Toyota Corolla Redesign

2015 Toyota Corolla Redesign gets its improved rear-seat comfort and there are several features applied. From the appearance, it has a more radical style. Gladly, we expect that it is true if the car will have all-new sheet metal applied. Through the big mouth grille presented in this new variant, it brings a contemporary look for this car. Of course the company has a big innovation. It is undeniable if this new version is the first car in its class that is equipped with LED or light emitting diode for daytime running lights and low-beam headlamps. 2015 Toyota Corolla Redesign hopefully could continue about the standard equipment in order to create an extra illumination and also energy saving system as a low priced car. The most important that we have found is about the benefit change through the passenger accommodation. It has an increased wheelbase through 3.9 inch. For your information, wheelbase is actually about the distance between the rear axles and the front. And at this time, it is being the longest compact cars through 106, 3 inch for 2015 Toyota Corolla Redesign.

2015 Toyota Corolla Specs

For the engine model, it is said that the car will have a four cylinder engine that could prove through 1.8 liter. Completed with CVT, the car brings its convenience. S, LE and L models looks like will have the power of torque around 128 pound-feet while the speed could reach 132 horsepower. 2015 Toyota Corolla expected to have a more advanced version for the engine model in order to give a better performance for both the speed and the fuel. It is possible for the car to produce around 126 pound-feet of torque and 140 horsepower.

2015 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

We predict that the car will start its production around the middle of 2014 after being introduced to the public in the early of 2014. While in the end of 2014 or in the beginning of 2015, it is the right time to be launched for 2015 Toyota Corolla.

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