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2015 SRT Viper ACR Review

Friday, February 28th 2014 | Dodge | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2011 SRT Viper ACR2015 SRT Viper ACR is expected to be arrived very soon in 2014 as the enthusiasts cannot wait anymore. The biggest expectation is the car could come with a more powerful performance compared to its previous version. The car is promising to be arrived after the hints came out from SRT CEO, Ralph Gilles and of course it is not a surprising announcement if it happens.

SRT Viper ACR Interior2015 SRT Viper ACR Redesign 

SRT Viper ACR will get a new different look which provides major changes in its exterior. As you can see from the leaked picture that the car has adjustable dampers, bigger brakes, and also a low-weight wheels that are supported with ultra-high-performance tires. So the conclusion for the redesign part around the exterior is a more aggressive look than the current model. 2015 Viper ACR if it is said will have a more aggressive look, we can imagine about its interior. We have a strong feeling that the car arrives with a best leather quality with a roomy cabin that provides a spacious room for legs. It is also possible if the car offers a better riding experience with the support of enhanced infotainment, safety and also navigation inside 2015 SRT Viper ACR.

SRT Viper ACR Engine2015 SRT Viper ACR Engine

Speaking about under the hood, the car will have an impressive update. It is reported that the car comes with a same engine which is found in SRT Viper for the base version that is V-20 engine 8.4 liter with all-aluminum system. It is done due to the demand of their enthusiasts. As we know that the previous model for 2015 Viper ACR has extra 100 horsepower as the offering over the standard version, it is better for you to not get any heart attack if you see that this new version could generate almost in 750 horsepower.  For your information, we are pretty sure that the engineers will not bring any regret to us.

2015 SRT Viper ACR Release Date

We do not yet hear about the official information for the release date or when it will be sold. But we are pretty sure that the common is it could be launched in the end of 2014 after the production in the middle of 2014. For a late coming, it is also possible if the car will be on sale around the beginning of 2015 or at least in the middle of 2015 for SRT Viper ACR.


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