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2015 Saab 9-3 EV finally revealed

Wednesday, September 10th 2014 | Saab | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Saab 9-3 EV2015 Saab 9-3 EV has been reported by some car enthusiasts to be seen and also enjoyed in the Chinese market as soon as possible. Maybe this new car will be built better than the last models by using the new brand. We think that the company is not going to change more about the models, but review the new production car for the future. This car deserves to wait in the closed markets and dealers.

2015 Saab 9-3 EV Interior

2015 Saab 9-3 EV Rear View2015 Saab 9-3 EV Review

2015 Saab 9-3 EV in this opportunity will be talked about the performances, the manufacturer is probably going to feature the best handling by using the battery pack in its floor of cabin. A lot of car enthusiasts have expected very much about the specification of the new car such as the car should give more elegant, the best technology system and also the nice short. So, it can be showed off in many places. 2015 Saab 9-3 EV has been a good choice to show in the big city and others, the company has cooperated with some investors related the offering a new car to Qingdao in Chinese city. Besides that, the company has decided the agreement that two hundred car units will be ready to order in the future. NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) is the new name from Chinese consortium. We has gotten the information from the rumors, it said that the production of electric powertrain will be consider as most important to be able restarting the new 2015 Saab 9-3 EV.

2015 Saab 9-3 EV Engine

In this case, we do not get more about the specification of engine option, maybe the model is still hidden by the manufacturer, 2015 Saab 9-3 EV can deliver more than 30 kWh per 100 miles, because it has used the best power consumption. In other hand, the larger battery pack will be available in this unit. The manufacturer does not reveal about the power of electric motor, maybe the company will plan to make the 124 miles into 200+ miles with lower number of Tesla S and Nissan leaf model.

2015 Saab 9-3 EV Release Date

The company does not think yet to identify this new car in the markets. 2015 Saab 9-3 EV is going to be prepared more before coming to the public in order to make the car enthusiasts satisfied when they see the new model. We can only encourage the customers and car enthusiasts to stay tuned on the company’s decision in order they can get the real announcement related the release date and price of the car.

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