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2015 Honda S2000 Concept Price

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Honda S2000 Concept2015 Honda S2000 could be said as the game car. It is the part of Social for Asia carmaker. Even, many people predict that the car likely to be BMW from Japan. In the previous, we know well that the car has unique driving experience, but at this time it will have play – it – safe mode for this product. In the next year, Honda prepared the new 2-seat for game car. It is undeniable that Honda is the top of the list.

2015 Honda S2000 Specs

2015 Honda S2000 will have a stylish supported by its excellent performance. There are some different designs ready for the car. It is a good strategy in order to follow what their clients want. It is said that the car will have different design than the previous. 2015 Honda S2000 will be a stylish car, so that it means there will be more working in the exterior especially. While the car concept is a game car where the passengers could enjoy their time during riding. It could be said that will be more protection in it since the car also has a high – speed performance. While we think that the exterior and interior will be more changes for 2015 Honda S2000.

2015 Honda S2000 Engine

It is predicted that the car will be completed with 4 – cylinder energy engine. It means that it is bigger than the previous model which has 1.5 liter insight. It also supported with mid- engine and rear – wheel middle structure. In order to stabile the pollutants and gas mileage, the car will be updated. 2015 Honda S2000 will be between CR –Z and also “old” S2000. It means that the power could be around 160 horsepower and also 150 pound-feet twist. For the powertrain, it could produce speed around 0-60 mph in few moments. The most attraction is it has a lighter body in order to control the weight.

2015 Honda S2000 Price and Release Date

It is said that the launching time will be in Seattle. The date will come in sooner. About the price, it would be not too far as the upstream from the stopped S2000. We predict that the base price is between $35,000 and $38,000 for the last current model. Well, start saving your money to get the car and check about the updated information to find out more details about the features and price of 2015 Honda S2000.

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