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2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Review

Friday, June 20th 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid2015 Honda Fit will have all-new design presented as the third-generation of Honda Fit. It is revealed in Japan and will go on sale sooner in 2014. About the design, it is predicted that the car has a U.S counterparts that so identical in order to save the position of steering wheel for the car.

2015 Honda Fit Engine

2015 Honda Fit for the specs, it is confirmed that the car will be the first that use the new Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive system. It is a new system that is developed under the Earth Dream Technology. It is said that the car is equipped with direct-injection for 4-cylinder of Atkinson cycle engine which is used 1.5 liter. In this system, there is a single high- output electric motor that has been integrated through the built-in lithium ion battery. 2015 Honda Fit also will have all-driving for the front wheels that is around 7-speed and dual-clutch automated for the manual transmission. We also found that it has a new brake system electric servo that could be found in the package in order to increase the electrical efficiency and also air conditioning compressor that could even reduce the engine load for 2015 Honda Fit.

2015 Honda Fit Specs

In visual way, the new version will have a bolder and even more sophisticated look for both the interior and exterior. That is why the users called the new as the “exciting H Design”. Not only that, but the car also has slightly longer for the wheelbase. We predict that there will be no change for the overall dimensions. It is true that the car will have more intriguing for both the front and rear detail elements through the sheet metal cues. 2015 Honda Fit designed in a roomy, bring flexible for the passengers combined with its best quality in finishing and improvements. We cannot wait to see the cool new display screen that is on the center stack. It is becomes the new blackout display in this car.

2015 Honda Fit Price and Release Date

We heard that the car will arrive especially in the 2014 that is in the second quarter. We also got the information that the car will be available for sale in September, 2014. However, we still waiting about the official verification in order to get the right and exact date for the car to be launched. It is the time for you to ask trusted traders to know more about the price of 2015 Honda Fit.


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