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2015 Honda CRZ Review and Release Date

Friday, January 31st 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Honda CRZ Front Angle Car2015 Honda CRZ is under development of its company and it will be available sooner in 2015. For you who love this car so much and live as American, you must be very happy since it is offered for U.S. market. The company is working hard on how to make the car has a similar rolling for what the Civic Type R has been done for Japan. We heard that the car will be more powerful with its engine option than its predecessor. Hopefully, it is a reality to have a tight competition with its rival, Toyota and also Subaru. It is also expected that the company at this time could show their enthusiasts that the car is not only has a good looking, but it is also convenient.

2015 Honda CRZ Side Angle View2015 Honda CRZ Exterior and Interior

2015 Honda CRZ comes with few limited information since the company does not have an official announcement about its detail yet. What makes us happy is because its prototype is being developed at Honda’s R&D. The current body will be retained and there are some modifications such as shortened wheelbase that is from new Type R. Hopefully with this modification, at least the car could come in different look, more stylish and even lighter than its predecessor. 2015 Honda CRZ is possible to come with a new color paint option since at this time it is like a trend that many future cars take it to get their enthusiasts’ heart. There is also a big demand about spacious car with wider room for leg- and -head room, improvements around the safety features, new steering wheel and also larger screen display. We think those all are possible to be presented to balance the new body style for 2015 Honda CRZ.

2015 Honda CRZ Engine

Likely the car will come with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to provide 220 horsepower. In fact, there will be no manual gearbox as the option for 2015 Honda CRZ. Of course, it makes the car to have more powerful engine. Furthermore, the hybrid model could come with cleaner emissions and more fuel-efficient. With it, the car is expected to produce more power than the current model.

2015 Honda CRZ Rear Angle View2015 Honda CRZ Release Date and Price

For your information, the car will not come before the new Civic appears in the market. Speaking about the price, we heard that the car will be at $30,000 for 2015 Honda CRZ.


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