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2015 Ford Thunderbird Concept

Sunday, May 25th 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Ford Thunderbird2015 Ford Thunderbird is coming as the re-born car. It is said that the car will be new and improved. The car is basically is quite legend and now it is coming for the world and the market. There is a new policy from the company that they will offer it to the new market in order to know the response.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

2015 Ford Thunderbird is reported to be reintroduced for its concept design of the Ford Thunderbird. We know well that the car has been performed in the beginning of 2000s. We have found the classic of high-end coupe from 1960. At this time, we heard that the version will have 2-seater and also extended wheelbase in order to give more proportions through its design along with the relocation of the front wires and the cut for the front overhang. Moreover, the 2015 Ford Thunderbird also received the pillar less coupe that is expanded from the C column.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Interior

Inside the cabin, it has very luxurious design with the same nook seating wrap for the rear seat. It is expected that the car will come with bigger and roomier design. Speaking about the engine, we don’t know it yet but we only expect to see the car will more engine options to complete the demand right now.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Price

Speaking about the price tag, still there is no exact information we could get today but we heard the gossips said for its price that is about $30,000. For sure it goes the same as our prediction because the company needs to introduce 2015 Ford Thunderbird with affordable price to raise the record of sales for the car. Not only that, but the car should be competitive in order to gain more positive responses from the enthusiasts. The car is quite great enough with this price because its roomy interior and the expanded exterior will bring more comfort. So, for sure it is worth for you to wait the coming of this car.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Release Date

For your information, there is no official information data yet from the company related to its release time. We only expect to see the car on the market at the end of 2015. We have a strong feeling that the car will come on the market earlier but it would be better to wait the official information of 2015 Ford Thunderbird.

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