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2015 Ford Taurus Redesign Luxury Exterior

Monday, June 16th 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Ford Taurus2015 Ford Taurus actually is the new version from Ford Taurus. Many people has searched about the newest information related to the car, but there were nothing found. There are some rumors available for this car completed with the prediction and also the concept. As you know that the current car of Ford Taurus is designed with comfort interior and best technology. In 2013, the car provided aerodynamic design supported with sporty handling.

2015 Ford Taurus Redesign  

2015 Ford Taurus Redesign designed with 4 – door type as the exterior. It could be said the design will be better than the current model. It is predicted that there will be a lighter material applied in the newest version next year. It is redesigned with a lighter material in order to support the car to have a best speed and performance. 2015 Ford Taurus Redesign for the exterior could be seen from the rear LED light as the rumors said that it will be the main attraction for the enthusiast. For the bumper, there will be a different look. Not only that, but you could also see the side of the muffler which is more charming because of the modern shape for 2015 Ford Taurus Redesign.

2015 Ford Taurus interior

The car has a derivate front wheel drive and also there are 5 seats inside the car as the interior of the new version. The engine applied in the new version is limited information. We found that in 2014 the car used 3.5 L supported with engine system V6. Based on the prediction, the new version of the car will use the same system and even it is possible if the car could have a better engine system to hit the market as the future car. In addition, the rumors said the car will have 6 speed transmission system within sport style mode. The attractive exhaust system of course could produce a smoother sound compared with the current 2014. 2015 Ford Taurus Redesign completed with safety and also fuel economy system. It is expected to improve the weakness from 2014 version such as the wheel and also the back seat, because actually the luxurious interior parts in 2014 version is still on demand. Especially, the interior upholstery material.

2015 Ford Taurus Price and Release Date

It is true that the new version will be launched in the next year. However, the date is unknown. About the money that you should pay is around $26.700 as the base price. Even if there are some improvements required for the current version, people already satisfied because of the price is worth for the car for 2015 Ford Taurus Redesign.


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