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2015 Ford Flex Limited Redesign and Changes

Friday, June 27th 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 Ford Flex Limited Redesign2015 Ford Flex is an excellent SUVs car which is quite popular in its continent. Thankfully, the car will be revamped for around its body and interior part. In 2014, it is a very best SUVs car that offered for its enthusiasts. If you think that you need an affordable SUVs car which has a well-design, the best option is Ford Flex. So, are you waiting for this 2015 model?

2015 Ford Flex Redesign

2015 Ford Flex in fact will not get a major change since it has been redesigned in 2014 which provides a new refreshment as the current version. For your information, the car changes in 2014 is a new style in retro with a boxy look.  With it, of course you may say that it is too old model or just special since it is really different in retro. It is not surprising if there is no big change for 2015 model because the car has been provided with new modern grille. It seems that the company will keep the third-row seating for business. However, we should open our eyes that 2015 Ford Flex is possible to come with something new. It would be perfect if there is more space provided in the cabin so it will bring more benefit to put a storage there for 2015 Ford Flex.

2015 Ford Flex Engine Changes

Under the hood, the car is equipped with two engine packages as a best offering from the engineers. Well, it is not surprising since the 2015 Ford Flex is one of the first rank in SUVs class. Amazingly, this minimal version is the only one which gets upgraded engine that is Eco Boost Engine 3.5 liter. If you expect an SEL or SE, well you can take the base version for the car.

2015 Ford Flex Release Date

At this time we are waiting about the official confirmation when the car will be released. We are pretty sure that there is a big chance for the car to be introduced in the middle of this year, so the production could go in the end of 2014 and then it can be released in the early of 2015. What we could suggest you at this time is stay tune with the trusted traders if you want to purchase it. Plus, keep saving your money even if this new version will cost not too much different from the previous model of 2015 Ford Flex.

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