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2015 BMW X1 Review and Specs

Thursday, January 30th 2014 | BMW | by Rhey Wardhoyo

2015 BMW X1 Review 2015 BMW X1 could be said as the least expensive vehicle if you want to get it to BMW crossover. In the very beginning, the car is expected to be presented in 2014 as 2015 model in order to compete with its great rivals that are MINI Countryman and also Buick Encore. As we know that the previous model has been sold for European market more than three years while for U.S. market there is a big offering for that includes the engine. Hopefully, this new generation could expand its market in automotive industry. So, how about 2015 model?

2015 BMW X1 Front Detail2015 BMW X1 Exterior and Interior

2015 BMW X1 spotted on testing around last year and it is planned to prepare next year market. We heard some reports said that the car will have the same UKL 1 platform as Mini. We caught its prototype during the test and we are pretty sure it used the bodyshell from five-seat concept Tourer. Even if it is camouflaged, but we found that the car has a larger and also bigger wheels. 2015 BMW X1 hopefully has a light and well-balanced bodyweight so that it brings comfort for driving experience. Furthermore, we also predict that the car comes with stylish look, with LED light support, aggressive look on its front and rear bumper and also comes with the extensive usage of aluminum or fiber for its body. Speaking about the interior, we hope that it comes with luxury supports include about infotainment and also safety system. At this time, it is more about spacious cabin or enough space for leg-room and head-room inside 2015 BMW X1.

2015 BMW X1 Engine

Under the hood, vehicles with UKL 1 platform will get front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive as an option. However, the major selling is front-drive form since it brings CO2 and fuel economy as the advantages. 2015 BMW X1 mostly is powered with all-new three-cylinder 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol and also diesel engine for BMW. Of course, there is a higher power versions offered with four-cylinder engine 2.0 liter which is also expected to be presented for future Mini Cooper S.

2015 BMW X1 Release Date

Speaking about the release date, honestly we do not have any official information about that and it is the only way to rely on. Basically if there is an issue that the car was spotted in its driving test, it means that the company have prepared it and it does not take a longer time to come in showroom for 2015 BMW X1.


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